学生学习最好的, 和更深入地, when they apply what they are learning by putting ideas into action through firsthand experiences.

伊隆的学生是独立学习的专注学习者, with peers and alongside faculty mentors to solve problems and master difficult material. They take fewer, more intensive courses that are designed for experiential learning. 在教室, 实验室和工作室, 在当地社区和国外, 以及实习和领导角色, 在伊隆,学习无处不在.

The co-curricular 伦 Experiences extend learning beyond the classroom. 学生在国外学习时为他人服务. They learn on the job through internships and tie those experiences to research with faculty mentors. They have transformative experiences while leading organizations and activities.

伦 believes so strongly in the power of the 伦 Experiences that it documents the work on transcripts and ensures that all students complete experiential learning requirements.

在伊隆的学生毕业的时候, they have a wealth of real-world experiences that support their transition to life after college and ensure they stand out when applying for a first job or graduate school.




College is a time for learning—but no one said students have to do it all in the same zip code. 甚至在同一个国家. When students study abroad, their perspectives change forever. 伦’s 100+ programs prepare students for a lifetime of global understanding and exploration. 除了国际学习机会, 伦 has an extensive Study USA program that allows students to explore cultures, 行业, 美国各地的地理和气候.

排名# 1 2022年出国留学 U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道 “最佳大学”指南.

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Part of studying abroad in Vietnam was experiencing some of the cultural activities firsthand, such as hat and basket bowl weaving as well as making native food.



伦’s 学生专业发展中心 counselors work with students from their first year to create personal development plans, 简历和良好的社交能力. 通过实习, 学生获得学分, gain first-hand knowledge of the workplace and gain professional skills that put them a step ahead of other college graduates. 伦 partners with an expansive network of employers who actively recruit students for internships and full-time positions.

Two-thirds of 伦 graduates report they acquired career networking leads directly through their internships.

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为8周, 我在贝克·蒂利实习过, 一家位于布宜诺斯艾利斯的全球会计和金融公司, 阿根廷. This opportunity allowed me to learn more about finance and Spanish language in an exciting new culture.



伦 students use smart technology to help older adults improve mobility. They investigate the relationship between mythology and globalization in southern Peru. They help scientists improve paints and plastics, make cheaper rubber or reduce greenhouse gases.

与导师一起工作, many 伦 students conduct the kind of sophisticated research usually found in graduate programs. Undergraduate research challenges students to formulate complex questions, review the work of other scholars and conduct serious inquiry to uncover new knowledge and understanding. 伦 students and faculty showcase their in-depth research across a broad range of disciplines annually at 伦’s Spring 本科研究 Forum (SURF) and at national research 会议 and forums.

如欲进一步了解 腔奖, the university’s premier student award to support research.

在我大二的春天, 我获得了沃德家庭行动学习奖, which allowed me to live in Ethiopia for eight months and conduct an independent research project in collaboration with Addis Ababa University in pursuit of my dream and goal of establishing a community based nonprofit organization. 在这段时间里, 我自愿, interned and researched problems faced by the city’s most impoverished and marginalized resident women.



在伦, students learn how to work collaboratively within diverse communities of people, gaining the confidence and competence to put innovative ideas into action for positive change. 伦’s 中心领导 offers leadership development initiatives to all students.

伊隆的学生提高了他们的领导知识和技能, attend student leader workshops and learn how social identities and lived experiences inform and shape their ideas around leadership. They learn about the stages of group formation and the importance of ethical decision-making.

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通过类, 会议, 组织和其他手段, I’ve grown significantly in my ability to collaborate and work with others, 出席并公开发言, 创造性和批判性地思考以解决问题.



学生 participate in academic service-learning that connects classroom work with the needs in the community. They immerse themselves in service through alternative breaks, 通过校园厨房倡议解决食品不安全问题, 并参与伊隆志愿者!

在伦, 可以赌足球的app不怕设定很高的期望, rising to every challenge and working to build a better world. The 市民生活中心 partners with local and global communities to advance student learning, 领导和国籍.

教师, staff and community leaders serve as mentors to students in their endeavor to cultivate thoughtful active citizens dedicated to positive social change. 伦 graduates are compassionate leaders dedicated to collaborating with communities to create innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

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I want to make sure that the community is involved in the building of the school. 乌姆拉的人民很穷,但他们足智多谋. 可以赌足球的app周游世界,学到了很多东西, 有了这些知识, 可以赌足球的app可以告知自己,看看作为领导者可以赌足球的app能做些什么. I think it’s time for the youth to take charge and lead the way.