Should I bother filling out the FAFSA or the PROFILE if I don't think I will qualify for need-based aid?

Only students who complete the FAFSA and the PROFILE will be considered for need-based financial aid. We encourage all students and parents to file the forms, especially if they have never filed before. An individual’s “need” will vary according to the cost of each institution to which the student is applying. 即使你不够格, the results of the analysis may help you in your long-term planning for meeting college costs. 除了, 把表格交到学校的档案里, 一年内是否会出现意外的紧急情况, 财政援助办公室将能够更快地作出反应.

How long after I file the forms for need based aid will I know what aid I am receiving?

From the time all required forms and applications are first submitted, it takes approximately four weeks for the information to be received by Elon. 可以赌足球的app还需要两周的时间来处理这些信息, 在必要时, request and receive additional information from students and parents. We will begin to mail financial aid Award Notifications according to the following schedule:

  • 新生:二月的第一周
  • 返校学生:六月的第一周

My parents will not complete their federal tax returns before the deadline for filing the FAFSA and PROFILE. Should we wait to file these forms until their tax returns have been completed?

No. You can complete the FAFSA and PROFILE based on reasonable estimates of your parents’ prior year income. Later, when tax returns are complete and you receive the federal Student Aid Report and PROFILE Acknowledgement, 你可以做任何必要的修改.

如果需要抚养的学生的父母离婚或分居, 谁应该填写FAFSA和PROFILE?

The student and the parent with whom the student lived the most in the preceding 12 months. If that parent has remarried, both the parent’s and the stepparent’s information is required.

What are the school codes for Elon to ensure that the FAFSA and PROFILE information is received by the university?

可以赌足球的app学校FAFSA的代码是 002927; for the PROFILE 5183.

我作为一名新生提交了个人资料. 我需要为明年申请吗?

No. 可以赌足球的app大学只要求首次申请援助的申请人填写个人资料.


Yes. You must at least file the federal FAFSA form for each year you wish to receive such aid.

可以赌足球的app错过了申请援助的最后期限. 可以赌足球的app现在还能申请吗?

是的,最后期限只是优先考虑. 你可以在学年的任何时候提出申请. However, Elon’s financial aid resources are limited and we might not be able to award you the aid for which you would have otherwise been considered.

Does Elon negotiate its financial aid awards for potential freshmen, 尤其是如果我从另一所大学获得更高的奖项?

No. 以最大限度地利用可以赌足球的app有限的财政援助资源, Elon personally reviews each of its financial aid offers before sending them and makes its best offer up front. 如果一个家庭的经济状况发生变化, 可以赌足球的app将根据家属的书面要求审核助学金.

I received a scholarship from the company for which my parents work. 这会影响我从可以赌足球的app那里得到的奖励吗?

在大多数情况下,它不会. In those cases where we are required to reduce part of our previous award, 可以赌足球的app大学首先减少学生贷款和/或工作. Only where absolutely necessary will we reduce a scholarship or grant.

我的可以赌足球的app奖通知包含联邦勤工苦学基金. 这是否意味着我可以得到一份工作?

No. 如果你的奖励包括联邦工读基金(FWSP), the amount represents the amount you are eligible to earn during the academic year. 这并不是工作的保证. If you are looking for a job on campus, call the Student Job Line () or visit the 校园工作 & 联邦工作研究 page. 在找到你可能感兴趣的工作之后, you will interview with the appropriate supervisor who is responsible for hiring. Earnings are paid to students throughout the year and cannot be used to defer payment of any portion of the university’s charges.

我已经收到了我的经济援助录取通知书,但我只收到了贷款. 还有什么??

你完成CSS配置文件了吗? Need-Based Grant Aid from the university is awarded based on the results of the CSS Profile

如果没有,执行 cssprofile.美国大学.org 完成侧写,可以赌足球的app会重新评估.

If yes, then the Estimated Family Contribution results of your Profile and FAFSA did not fall in the range for need based aid. The following links are useful to search for outside scholarship opportunities.




The Office of 金融援助 evaluates students for need-based grant aid based on the FAFSA and CSS Profile.  For merit scholarship questions, please reach out to your admission counselor.

My parent is probably not going to get approved for the parent PLUS loan. 我还能做什么呢?

Have your parent complete the application for the parent PLUS loan anyway.  A denial decision from the federal processor will make the student eligible for additional Unsubsidized Direct Loan funds.

我的父母不想申请家长加贷款. 我自己能得到更多的钱吗?

There are federal loan limits for Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans.  If you require additional funding, you may apply for a private loan with a co-signer. 可以赌足球的app有一份信誉良好的贷方名单 网站在借款. 


1.  完成加号贷款申请 可以赌足球的app会收到你同意或拒绝的通知.

2.  When you complete the Plus Loan Application with the Department of Education please indicate the amount that you wish to borrow. The Office of 金融援助 will not be able to process Plus Loan requests for MAX or UNKNOWN amounts. Requests without the amount indicated will require follow-up with the borrower.

3.  First-time borrowers, complete a Master Promissory Note for your loan at

4.  填写并签署年度学生贷款确认

How do I complete my Entrance Counseling/Master Promissory Note/ Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement?

1.  Complete and sign a Master Promissory Note with the Department of Education at

2.  If you are a first time Stafford borrower, please complete Entrance Loan Counseling at

3.  填写并签署年度学生贷款确认

我的经济援助不是我需要的数额. 我有什么选择?

Be sure you have completed the CSS Profile for institutional need-based aid eligibility. 查看金融援助网页的私人贷款选项. 付款计划的选择可以通过财务处. Search for outside scholarship opportunities through the following scholarship sites:

我有一个兄弟在上大学. 这在我的经济援助中有考虑吗?

如果你在FAFSA上报告有兄弟姐妹在上大学, 这是考虑在内的,并反映在你的援助要约.

I don’t want work-study or the parent PLUS loan, how can I remove it from my offer.