Two students walking and talking outside of Alamance building.伦大学 has built a national reputation as the premier student-centered environment for experiential learning, with an emphasis on strong personal relationships between students and their faculty and staff mentors. 伊隆的学生雄心勃勃, 好奇的和富有同情心的, inspired to be big thinkers and creative problem-solvers.

伦 has built a national reputation for excellence based on five key factors:

  1. 以学生为中心: 伦 is a close community—students develop strong, mentoring relationships with faculty and staff, 与他们的同龄人和校友.
  2. 在全球范围内进行: You’ll find 伦 students engaged in learning in every corner of the world through the university’s top-ranked study abroad program.
  3. 经验: 可以赌足球的app从经验中学到最好, so an 伦 教育 is filled with hands-on learning opportunities in the classroom, 在实验室和工作中.
  4. 学习环境: With one of the nation’s finest residential campuses, 伦 provides facilities and learning resources that breed powerful collaboration and spark bold ideas.
  5. 雄心勃勃: Members of our community are restless in all the right ways, 不怕设定高期望, rising to every challenge and constantly striving to build a better world.

伦’s rigorous curriculum is grounded in the arts and sciences and complemented by nationally accredited professional and graduate programs. The 457 full-time faculty members teach in more than 70 undergraduate majors, along with master’s programs in business administration, 管理, 会计, 教育, 高等教育, interactive media and physician assistant studies; and doctoral programs in physical therapy and law. 伦’s four-year graduation rate of 78 percent ranks #35 among U.S. 新闻国立大学.

这所大学包括伊隆学院, the College of 艺术s and Sciences; the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business; the School of Communications; the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education; the School of Health Sciences; and the School of Law, which is located on a campus in downtown Greensboro, N.C.

伦’s 6,302 undergraduate and 825 graduate students come from 46 states and 49 other countries. 大约24%来自北卡罗来纳州, with strong enrollment numbers from the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and other states across the country.

全球合作 是伊隆经历的核心 the Institute of International Education has ranked 伦 #1 in the nation 连续17年出国留学. Seventy-three percent of students have at least one international study experience, 经常与实习相结合, 研究或服务. 此外, 伦’s Study USA program includes opportunities to study in Los Angeles, 纽约, 华盛顿, D.C.美国、夏威夷、阿拉斯加等地.

伊隆在社区排名中名列前茅 服务 by the federal government’s Corporation for National and Community Service, with 84 percent of students participating in 服务-learning. 此外, 81 percent of students complete 实习, 58 percent of students hold at least one campus 领导 position, and 24 percent of students work with faculty mentors on 本科研究 项目.

伦’s engaging intellectual climate is distinguished by supportive and collaborative human relationships that promote personal growth. More than 200 student organizations flourish, providing a rich array of opportunities to get involved. Student Professional Development Center counselors work with students to create personal development plans, 简历和良好的社交能力. 强大的伊隆网络雇主, alumni and parents provides connections to 实习 and career opportunities.

伦 is ranked among the top-100 National Universities by U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道, with a #1 ranking for excellence in undergraduate teaching and #9 for innovation. 此外, 伦 is the leader in the “Focus on Student Success” feature – the only college or university ranked in the top-20 in all eight categories of high-impact academic programs. Included are #1 rankings for study abroad and learning communities and #2 rankings for first-year experiences and 服务 learning.

可以赌足球的app被命名为 五个“大列表” 由普林斯顿评论, 包括“不错的大学,“伟大的职业服务。,“很棒的大学宿舍。,” “Great College Theater” and “Most Beautiful Campus.“ 《可以赌足球的app》/《泰晤士高等教育 中伦的 #14 private university in the nation for student engagement诗人 & 宽客 ranks 伦 among the nation’s top undergraduate business, marketing and MBA programs. 吉卜林的个人理财 杂志称可以赌足球的app是全国的 天然气“最有价值” 私立大学.

伦 is a member of the Colonial 正规赌足球软件 Association, and the Phoenix athletics program includes 17 intercollegiate men’s and women’s sports in NCAA Division I (FCS football). 此外, 伦 offers 18 intramural and 21 club sports.

伦’s historic 656-acre campus in central North Carolina is designated as a botanical garden and includes the 56-acre 伦大学 Forest, a land preserve and natural area for scientific research; and Loy Farm, a center for environmental research and sustainability that includes a solar farm.

伦 is an academic community that provides the right balance of challenge and encouragement, helping students discover the ambition to seek something great and the courage to achieve it. 伦 is a university with a powerful trajectory—ever on the rise and always striving to achieve higher levels of excellence.